Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sold... and off they go!

Hey all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Middenheim army has been sold, and is on the way to their new commander out in Illinois to carry on the fight against Chaos!

As a goodbye, I wanted to show the single mini I kept... my elector count mounted on a griffon.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Middenheim Army

Added a shot of the White Wolf Grandmaster, Lord Rotterfang, who I left out before!

I AM SELLING THIS ARMY!! For more info, please email me at grenadierguardscampaigns at yahoo.com, or leave a comment here!


COST: $1,200

Welcome, everyone, to my blog featuring my Middenheim Empire Army!

This post will show each of the units in the army, talk a bit about the construction of the army, and, most importantly, tell you how to make this army YOURS!

My Empire army is a heavily themed Middenheim army. Originally built to compliment a friends Averland Empire army of halberds, crossbows, and militia, this Middenheim army is composed almost entirely of handgunners, spears, and swordsman, with the usual Empire goodies to top it off!

There are a few important details worth noting. First, all of the Swordsmen units have the same shields to emphasize uniformity, and all of the Swordsmen are made of a mix of Swordsman and militia bits, to emphasize the feral and rugged nature of Middenheim. Also, most of the Swordsman and Spearman units are lead by character figures from the Mordheim Middenheimer warband. Flags are kept uniform as well; tri-colors for the spears, and quartered for the swords. The Greatswords are an exception; their banner is exceptionally old and blessed!

The army is made up of the following units:

The 3rd Middenheim Swords - 20 swordsmen with command

The 4th Middenheim Swords - 20 swordsmen with command

The 11th Middenheim Swords - 20 swordsmen with command

The 4th Middenheim Spears - 16 spearmen with command

The 7th Middenheim Spears "Ulrics Shields" - 20 spearmen with command

The 12th Middenheim Spears - 19 spearmen with command (one apparently has gone AWOL, I'll see if I can find him.... painted by Bryan Shaw!)

1st Middenheim Guns "The Blues" - 8 handgunners

3rd Middenheim Guns - 8 handgunners (painted by Bryan Shaw!)

5th Middenheim Guns - 8 handgunners

9th Middenheim Guns - 8 handgunners (painted by Bryan Shaw!)

13th Middenheim Guns - 10 handgunners

14th Middenheim Guns - 10 handgunners with command

The Swords of Ulric - 20 greatswords with command

The Devoted - 16 flagellants

The Guardians of the Rock - 10 knights with command

The Knights of the White Wolf - 10 knights with command

One greatcannon and crew

One hellblaster
and crew

One mortar
and crew (painted by Bryan Shaw!)

Above is a group shot of some of the unit leaders, namely the Mordheim guys, who can act as Captains or whatever sort of heroes you need!

Now... on to the big dogs!

Elector Count Aelfred of Middenheim (painted by Bryan Shaw!)

Al-Fenris, Warrior Priest of Ulric

Learned Baelric, Mage of the Second Order, and Jasper the Frog Familiar

So... onto some group pictures!

In this first image you can see the Middenheim artillery at the front. Behind the artillery is the 3rd, 9th, and 13th Middenheim Guns, and to the right you can see The Devoted. Those guys are great at holding up the most dangerous of enemies!

The next photo is of the center of the army. You can see
the 4th and 12th Middenheim Spears ("Ulric's Shields") in the front rank. The 12th is lead by a man who at one time was a Priest of Ulric, and as such he brings a lot of piety to the regiment... so much, in fact, that they forgo the use of shields, instead counting on Ulric to shield them, and them then to shield the people from Ulric's enemies. In the center you can see the 4th and 11th Middenheim Swords. In the back you can see the first unit of knights, The Guardians of the Rock.

The next shot is of the flank of the army. In the front you see 12th Middenheim Spears and the 3rd Middenheim Swords. The Swords of Ulric gather under an ancient, blessed banner at the rear, beside the second unit of mounted knights, the Knights of the White Wolf. On the left you see the 1st Middenheim Guns ("The Blues,") the 5th Middenheim Guns, and the 14th Middenheim Guns.

Now, onto the characters!

First up is Elector Count Aelfred of Middenheim. He is mounted and heavily armored, as befits an Empire general. He (as well as two units of handgunners, a unit of spears, and the mortar) was actually painted by the Golden Demon winner Bryan Shaw.

Next up is Al-Fenris, my Warrior Priest of Ulric. The Middenheimers are ferociously devout followers of Ulric, and I wanted to find a warrior priest who looked the part of a true high priest of the Church in Middenheim. I eventually settled on this fellow, whose massive mitre makes him look a little more important and powerful than the usual ratty warrior priest.

Lastly here is my mage,
Learned Baelric, Mage of the Second Order. I really regret parting with this guy, not the least because of the fantastic little frog on his shoulder, nicknamed Jasper, who is possibly my best painted piece of toy soldiering ever! Still, he needs to go with the army, so I must bid him a froggy adieu.

BTW, here is the White Wolf Grandmaster, Lord Rotterfang. He is an imposing gent with a missing eye and a MASSIVE hammer, and an excellent leader for the White Wolves... and of course, you can always use him simply as a captain for them, if you don't need the services of a grandmaster!

IN ADDITION: I will include 32 still-on-sprue spearmen, that match my army
spearmen, and 32 still-on-sprue handgunners, who match my army handgunners.

And so that is my Middenheim army.

I AM SELLING THIS ARMY!! For more info, please email me at grenadierguardscampaigns at yahoo.com, or leave a comment here!